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throughout the game you will want to build up your population with 21 pieces required for ASCENSION you will need to propagate and maintain twice as much as the 7 you start out with a team with less than 7 pieces total is considered endangered and may not be attacked even if they have a piece strategically positioned in an opponent's system, therby preventing another team from mating. ideally, you will want to have 2 or 3 systems where mating can occur at any moment. to replace pieces that have been defeated, so there is a drawback to being too offensive. MATING occurs when 2 pieces of opposite GENDER spawn another piece DEUCES and QUEENS are female the other pieces are all male with a single SYSTEM all to themselves and the happy couple on their native ELEMENT by the next turn, their new offspring piece appears on the SUN between them a KING and QUEEN make a JACK a QUEEN and JACK make an ACE a QUEEN and ACE make a JOKER a QUEEN and JOKER make a DEUCE a DEUCE and JOKER make a KING a DEUCE and KING make a QUEEN and a DEUCE and ACE make a JACK a DEUCE and JACK make an ACE you may not produce more pieces of a type than is alotted for that type that is, since each team is only entitled to one KING if you already have a KING, you cannot make another again the maximum for each is 1 KING, 2 QUEENS, 3 DEUCES 4 JOKERS, 5 ACES and 6 JACKS apart from having recently been SPAWNED JACKS may not exist on a STAR upon creation, a JACK is immediately moved to an adjacent WORLD HEX preferably of NATIVE ELEMENT
MATING may also occur between opposing teams with mutual consent the product of that relationship being of the other, 3rd team this can be strategic in preventing a piece from being created on the 3rd team's terms DEUCES and JOKERS cannot be easily contained, however a king may STARHOP within a CONSTELLATION but if all exits are blocked, he remains a CAPTIVE this KING will not be helping his TEAM ASCEND any time soon - but a rescue mission is planned
no one starts out with a DEUCE thus, MATING is the only way to acquire one... if you have a DEUCE and at least one JOKER you may roll your JOKER to see how many turns you may take this round - for a maximum of 4 - the result of that roll is also that JOKER'S new face value you may choose to pass this option rather than risk a low multiplier
once a TEAM has reached its FULL POPULATION of 21 pieces it gains the ability to manifest a variety of magical effects - ELEMENTAL KARMA - - assemble any combination of 14 pieces - on every HEX of your own NATIVE ELEMENT in any given CONSTELLATION on the board - except the CENTER CONSTELLATION - to completely dispel any currently active major magical effects of another TEAM - and debilitate - potentially seriously - - any TEAM currently activating such effects - by reflecting back the full power of the assault on every piece involved in the offending INTERACTION - preventing MATING or RESURRECTION next turn - as there are 14 HEX of any given NATIVE ELEMENT this will be 2/3 of a TEAM'S FULL POPULATION and the remaining 7 pieces may not be on any STAR anywhere else on the board - FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE - any TEAM may FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE by merely occupying every STAR in its HOME CONSTELLATION thereby cancelling one or both opposing TEAM'S STARFIRE or FIRE MAGIC and causing 14 points damage to every piece involved in the INTERACTION - BURN OUT - SPACE VACUUMS FIRE - any TEAM may BURN OUT a FIRE effect by merely occupying all 12 SPACE HEX - in any CONSTELLATION on the board - but the remaining 9 pieces must not be on any SPACE HEX anywhere else on the board - SHORELINE - WATER ERODES EARTH - causing adjacent WATER HEX value damage to any piece on any LAND HEX, even your own

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