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each turn, a TEAM may make multiple moves - equal to the number of CONSTELLATIONS - that TEAM currently occupys - for a maximum of 7 with at least 1 piece in every starting CONSTELLATION thus, it is usually beneficial at the start of the game to branch out in as many directions as possible the quickest method on your first turn, use your move to place a piece in another CONSTELLATION then, on your second turn, now with 2 moves placing 2 different pieces in the other neighboring CONSTELLATIONS bringing your total to 4 therefore, by your third turn you can move up to 4 pieces, and so on bringing added incentive to establishing a presence in as many CONSTELLATIONS as soon as possible and also for other players to try and stop you
COURT pieces - that is, ROYAL pieces and their CONSORTS, the WILDCARDS become MAGICAL just being on STARS channeling the power of FIRE ELEMENT - the first and perhaps most commonly used - special or MAGICAL type of move is FIRE MAGIC - with a SYSTEM otherwise all to themselves - a COURT piece: KING, QUEEN, DEUCE or JOKER - may call forth and bestow FIRE MAGIC upon - - any LINE piece in your TEAM - JACKS or ACES - - on NATIVE ELEMENT within that same SYSTEM - and FIRE MAGIC may additionally be spread to a second piece on the other NATIVE HEX - which may be any piece, COURT or LINE - the initiating COURT piece does not enjoy the same MAGICAL FIRE effect however - and should that piece be eliminated - - the effect is immediately dissolved - additionally, COURT pieces may enjoy MAGICAL FIRE and the effect is doubled however, the effect is immediately cancelled should any other piece enter the SYSTEM otherwise, ordinarily, with LINE pieces - once FIRE MAGIC has been initiated - any other pieces may enter the SYSTEM without dispelling the FIRE MAGIC effects - KINGS on STARS - calling FIRE MAGIC - - make your affected pieces ALL POWERFUL - against an otherwise unbonused opponent, anyway - KING'S face value becomes a DAMAGE multiplier - with a KING at his full 20 - and an ACE ATTACKING ACE rolling maximum 8 - his ATTACK score is 160 - unbonused opponents needn't bother rolling - even if the ACE rolls a 1, his ATTACK score is still 20 - QUEENS on STARS - calling FIRE MAGIC - - make your affected pieces INVULNERABLE - QUEEN'S face value becomes a DEFENSE multiplier with a QUEEN at her full 10 - if a JACK is ATTACKED JACK rolling maximum 6, his DEFENSE score is 60 with another TEAM in a neighboring SYSTEM calling forth FIRE MAGIC, scores can get high this is where multiple moves comes in handy switching COURT pieces, to alternate effects or advancing the TROOP to another SYSTEM thus leaving any pesky INVADERS far behind - WILDCARD pieces - DEUCES and JOKERS - cancel FIRE MAGIC effects against their TEAM by simply occupying the CENTER STAR of the CENTER CONSTELLATION - this effect is not voluntary - - JOKERS on STARS may TRIP OUT - - any piece on its own NATIVE ELEMENT - - from your TEAM - or an opposing TEAM - from the target piece's starting NATIVE HEX TELEPORTING the target, like a JOKER moves such as: first to the same HEX in a NEIGHBORING SYSTEM then to that SYSTEM'S STAR then to that corresponding STAR in a NEIGHBORING CONSTELLATION and so on - up to the starting HEX value's - number of RELATED HEX away - 1 to 6 - and if there are any MOVE POINTS left over the JOKER may use those to PORT himself - but not add his own score to that move - - DEUCES may SUMMON any other piece - - to her STAR HEX position, by STARHOPPING - the target's face value NEIGHBORING STAR away but the target piece must originate from a STAR - and the STARHOP path must be clear of traffic - except for JACKS - as they cannot land on SUNS they therefore cannot be SUMMONED by DEUCES - to finish the move, once a piece is SUMMONED - to her STAR HEX, with the SYSTEM all to herself - she must STARHOP to a NEIGHBORING STAR - but if there is no NEIGHBORING STAR available the move is not possible at that particular time though that SYSTEM may be otherwise occupied - additionally, unless the DEUCE is SUMMONING - from a NATIVE CONSTELLATION (HOME, OPPOSITE) - she is DRAINED the SUMMONED piece's face value - though the SUMMONED piece's score does not change and she may not opt to eliminate herself in the process though she is free to SUMMON any piece whose face value is lower than her own in the case of a tie, she is reduced to 1 if the TEAM has any available moves left that turn she may move to NATIVE HEX and heal HEX VALUE - you may want to position a few WILDCARD pieces - at key points in your territory as a transporter service
- PIECE SPECIFIC SPECIALITIES - - KINGS may also occasionally STARHOP - but only from ANOMALIES, such as NEBULAE and only to immediately neighboring STARS - additionally, KINGS may also SWITCH HEX - with any piece on a neighboring STAR or ANOMALY if this action results in the elimination of a piece - the KING may RETURN to the original HEX - - as a free move, but only in the same turn - - QUEENS on SUNS may SPIN - - all pieces within her SYSTEM - rotating up to her face value HEX - in either direction she chooses - should this action cause the elimination of a piece - she is awarded that piece's initial face value - unless another piece is otherwise entitled to it JOKERS can PUSH any piece even those of their own TEAM from the HEX they are currently on to any adjacent HEX of the JOKER'S choosing - if the target piece's HEX is a valid destination - as the final leg of his move, normally up to face value DEUCES and JOKERS sharing a NATIVE PAIR may combine their scores for one of them to move but any two pieces sharing a NATIVE PAIR may switch positions as a free move DEUCES on SUNS send out HEALING VIBES to all pieces of their TEAM - on any NEIGHBORING STAR - for her current face value per turn a JOKER may opt to TRIP OUT one of its own with an effect modifier such as FIRE MAGIC which lasts only for the duration of the turn - and then PUSH it away to a SAFE HEX - - or a DEUCE may SUMMON it back - as previously mentioned JACKS are SAFE on SUNS and ACES are SAFE in SPACE if they are on such HEXES and in closest proximity that is, just the borderline of 2 HEX between them both HEX may be called on to act as NATIVE ELEMENT sharing PAIRING rules with any NATIVE PAIRS adjacent
there are many special moves in STARHEX perhaps the easiest and most dazzling is STARFIRE any piece engaged in an INTERACTION on any STAR in the CENTER CONSTELLATION - causes STARFIRE to occur - on every corresponding STAR in every other CONSTELLATION be it the BETA STAR or the CENTER STAR or multiple STARS, depending on the INTERACTION such will be the weather, elsewhere any pieces on STAR HEX undergoing STARFIRE lose 7 points per turn and are unable to attack thus, all JOKERS and JACKS and most other pieces encountering STARFIRE will immediately be eliminated not even your own pieces are immune to this - such unfortunate pieces - - involved in CLOSED CIRCUITS - may be SPARED by an internal QUEEN costing her 1 point for each piece spared moving to an adjacent NATIVE ELEMENT each left with jus 1 point - barely alive - but, as on any NATIVE ELEMENT - - eleigible for HEALING next turn - and it is not unheardof for a piece - even a valiant JOKER or a JACK - to move into a STARFIRE position - wherever on the board it may be - thereby sacrificing itself for the play such as causing another INTERACTION - or any PIECE SPECIFIC SPECIALITIES - in which noble lauded case, however the SPARED by CLOSED CIRCUIT rule - does not apply, though rarely would - one endeavor perhaps worth the trouble is in cancelling the offending STARFIRE - still, any piece in an INTERACTION - - having STARFIRE inflicted upon them - causes the same STARFIRE effect to occur to all other pieces within that INTERACTION but CLOSED CIRCUIT QUEENS are spared this - as they are not connected to the INTERACTION - no matter how their positions may happen to line up - STARFIRE may continue theoretically indefinitely - - until the initial STARFIRE INTERACTION is broken - by either the moving or elimination of a crucial piece - but if you annoy the other teams too much - - you may have them both gang up on you - - so use such awesome power sparingly - - additionally - a STARFIRE INTERACTION involving the CENTER STAR of the CENTER CONSTELLATION - causes the STARFIRE effect to occur - on every STAR in the CENTER CONSTELLATION even burning yourself, so be careful regardless of whether or not that STARFIRE INTERACTION involves other PRIME STARS - adding FIRE MAGIC to STARFIRE - affects a piece not otherwise involved within the STARFIRE INTERACTION, in that the 7 points is added to the effect, not health and in the case of a ROYAL FIRE MAGIC initiator the 7 points becomes a multiplier to the same effect
- ELEMENTAL SPECIALITIES - - NATIVE HEALING - any piece on their NATIVE ELEMENT in the CENTER SYSTEM - HEALS 1 point per turn - this effect transmits to any piece on any STAR - in that same corresponding CONSTELLATION - and, with another piece on the CENTER STAR the effect spreads to any TEAM piece currently on any NATIVE ELEMENT HEX in that corresponding CONSTELLATION BLACK HOLES are dead STARS but they still manage to maintain - their FIRE ELEMENT properties - therefore, any FIRE ELEMENT effect in a neighboring CONSTELLATION - is spread to the BLACK HOLE - and the DEEP SPACE surrounding NEBULAE are random assorted accumilations of stray material from all other ELEMENTS therefore, any other ELEMENTAL effect in any neighboring CONSTELLATIONS - is spread to the various NEBULAE - and the OPEN SPACE surrounding
ELEMENTALISM is another special move that has a remote effect across the board any piece engaged in an INTERACTION on a WORLD HEX in the CENTER SYSTEM causes ELEMENTAL DAMAGE to occur on every WORLD hex of that same ELEMENT - in that corresponding CONSTELLATION - so, for PI HEX, every LAND ELEMENT WORLD HEX in the PI CONSTELLATION undergoes the effect and, like STARFIRE, may continue indefinitely also, naturally, each TEAM is IMMUNE to the EFFECTS of their own ELEMENT and JACKS are not affected by this at all utilizing their ELEMENTAL HARMONY - though any piece may move into - such affected HEX, and be attacked becoming that much more vulnerable for EARTH - QUICKSAND affected pieces become IMMOBILIZED frozen in place - and may neither move nor attack though they may be certainly attacked at any time damage taken is the roll difference, whoever wins for WATER - LIQUIFICATION reduced to 1 ATTACK POINT should that piece attack and win the roll but a single point of DAMAGE is dealt for AIR - EVAPORATION reduced to 1 DEFENSE POINT should that piece be attacked its only hope to not lose the roll is if the ATTACKING piece rolls a 1 thus resulting in a tie, no DAMAGE - these effects last for the duration - - of the ELEMENTALISM INTERACTION - thus, should you notice an opposing TEAM about to move onto a CENTER SYSTEM WORLD it might be wise to stick to your own ELEMENT should an affected piece run out of HEALTH POINTS and thus be eliminated during an ELEMENTALISM INTERACTION the offending piece on the CENTER SYSTEM WORLD loses 1 point every turn until the INTERACTION ends though it is free to remain on the HEX in question this effect stacks for multiple eliminated pieces but if the instigator is on NATIVE ELEMENT - it HEALS 1 point per turn anyway - which is a passive NATIVE property of the CENTER SYSTEM WORLDS regardless of any INTERACTION - so it can't be itself eliminated - - adding FIRE MAGIC to ELEMENTALISM - spreads the effect to any so affected pieces on any STARS within the affected CONSTELLATION
a TEAM occupying both of its NATIVE ELEMENT WORLD HEX in the CENTER SYSTEM causes - BALANCED ELEMENTALISM - in both corresponding CONSTELLATIONS this effect cancels any ELEMENTALISM but does not disrupt that INTERACTION and affects any pieces, on like ELEMENT in either CONSTELLATION - even your own for LAND - EARTHQUAKE pieces are shaken from those WORLDS to affected player's choice adjacent AIR HEX taking the BOTH HEX value DAMAGE for SEA - FLOOD pieces are washed from those WORLDS onto nearest unoccupied EARTH HEX taking BOTH HEX value DAMAGE for AIR - HURRICANE pieces are blown from those WORLDS onto nearest unoccupied WATER HEX taking BOTH HEX value DAMAGE if damage DRAINS a piece completely and it lands on its own NATIVE ELEMENT it may survive with 1 HEALED HEALTH point otherwise is is eliminated adding FIRE MAGIC to BALANCED ELEMENTALISM

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