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each team begins a game of STAR HEX with the 7 original pieces 1 KING, 1 QUEEN, 2 ACES, 2 JACKS, and 1 JOKER arranged in the CENTER SYSTEM of your HOME CONSTELLATION KING on SUN, QUEEN towards CENTER, 2 ACES forward, 2 JACKS rear, and JOKER away from CENTER with your QUEEN and JOKER, on your NATIVE ELEMENT remembering the outer CONSTELLATIONS - NU, XI, OMICRON, PI, RHO and SIGMA - LAND'S HOME is NU - left side of the board AIR home is OMICRON - in the upper right and SEA home is RHO - in the lower right a line of WORLDS of your NATIVE ELEMENT passing through the CENTER SYSTEM
the object of the game is to gain ASCENSION attained by arranging a full population of 21 pieces in a specific configuration, in CENTER CONSTELLATION in order to accomplish this, you will have to either utterly defeat both opposing teams, or gain their CONSENSUS - the latter option, most plausable.
but your first objective should be to secure your home constellation to see who goes first each team rolls their KING deciding beforehand, high or low odds or evens, common denominators - in this case, LAND has won the honor - LAND moves its QUEEN to the ALPHA STAR of the CENTER CONSTELLATION, ALPHA PRIME
rotating clockwise's AIR'S turn next, moving an ACE... at full starting face value, his maximum range is 8 hex but must avoid SUNS, unless he means to land on one in this case, the XI DELTA star where he is SAFE from attack but free to attack another piece in effect, this ACE has secured this SYSTEM and this entrance to his native CONSTELLATION
SEA team is not interested in security just yet the first order of business, produce a DEUCE in just 2 moves, QUEEN and JOKER may find a system all to themselves and, if undisturbed, the third turn brings a new piece into play on the star between them both on their NATIVE ELEMENT they also HEAL 7 points each per turn the earlier stages of the game all but ensure untroubled repose from any piece but a JOKER ...but more on mating later...
after securing your home CONSTELLATION well enough your next objective should be to establish territory in neighboring CONSTELLATIONS to both attack from, and repair to quickly ...also, you will want to align your pieces... so that they may INTERACT with each other pieces in such alignment with each other are said to be in FOCUS in INTERACTIONS, pieces combine their scores to be more effective, in various excursions should one piece be eliminated another piece in the INTERACTION may opt to be eliminated in its place thereby maintaining an effective presence in the contested SYSTEM this is known as a SACRIFICE and while it will most likely result in the termination of an INTERACTION if the sacrificed piece's hex is a STAR and you are able to MATE to produce that piece on the next turn the reborn piece may automatically STARHOP to its original position before any real damage can be done
INTERACTIONS create LINES of POWER which may act as the border for your territory or simply a safe haven for your team to MATE only pieces from your own team may cross your POWER LINES when a POWER LINE is created any piece on a HEX which that LINE runs directly through is immediately eliminated these NEBULAE have been made into DEATH TRAPS any opposing piece SLIDING in from a BLACK HOLE is immediately eliminated this is known as FREE BURNING placing a POWER LINE through a BLACK HOLE causes the corresponding NEBULA to become a DEATH TRAP - this is known as AFTER BURNING a clever player can also eliminate multiple pieces in one move here, AIR'S JOKER catches the other 2 teams off guard by TELEPORTING to a strategic position JOKER (lower left) completes an INTERACTION by FOCUSSING with his own ACE, (upper right) taking out both SEA'S QUEEN and DEUCE but also, LAND'S JOKER (on the NEBULA) thereby disconnecting an INTERACTION which LAND had running across the CENTER CONSTELLATION
but, for there to be an INTERACTION at all, a jack must be in FOCUS the face of a JACK is a square therefore, to FOCUS a JACK he must be aligned on RIGHT angles no matter who else he is INTERACTING with here, 6 JACKS align to each other side to side arranged in a straight line, or on RIGHT angles now they may combine their scores together all six JACKS in tandem each with a score of 5 their combined total is 30
KINGS, ACES and JOKERS have triangular faces and must be aligned to each other on HEX angles but still FOCUSSED on any JACKS by RIGHT angles but, different teams FOCUS their JACKS differently on RIGHT angles relevant to ELEMENTAL direction or, from that particular player's perspective seated behind home CONSTELLATION as natural cubes JACKS are considered to be in HARMONY with their NATIVE ELEMENT thus, if the last JACK is removed the entire INTERACTION is dissolved
the face of a DEUCE is a pentagon and as such, DEUCES act as NODES extending or connecting INTERACTIONS and may align on either HEX or RIGHT angles to help create or extend an INTERACTION but they do not participate in the combining of scores and still must align to JACKS only on RIGHT angles
the face of a QUEEN is more of a DIAMOND accordingly, QUEENS are POWER SOURCES and while they may connect an interaction and add their total to the combined whole they do not have access to that total thus, even INTERACTED when QUEENS duel they're in it alone ...their real strength is in rallying... when an INTERACTION loops back on itself it becomes a CLOSED CIRCUIT and with a QUEEN inside the LOOP her score becomes a multiplier this example... JOKER 2, JACK 5, ACE 3 their combined total is only 10 but with a QUEEN inside, at a full 10 the sum total becomes a formidible 100 aside from TELEPORTATION, only your TEAM may move in our out of your CLOSED CIRCUIT in most cases, the moving of but a single piece causes the CLOSED CIRCUIT to become OPENED and the POWER SOURCE becomes disconnected under special conditions and with each player's consent INTERACTIONS may also occur between 2 different TEAMS but that approval extends across the full board and is limited to one full ROUND whereafter it must be RENEWED be careful and fair in such ALLIANCES

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