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4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 sided dice are the pieces in STARHEX and this is the starting set and configuration there's also 12 sided dice, but not at first
the KING, a standard 20 sided die may move one hex in any direction just like a KING in Chess or Checkers if his path is blocked by another piece they may duel by rolling (remembering scores) until the opponent is either defeated, or moves or he must choose another direction to move in the KING is the most powerful of pieces having a maximum FULL HEALTH value of 20 twice that of the QUEEN, a 10 sided die which is the only asymetrical piece the rest are all platonic solids
the QUEEN is also like her chess counterpart she may move any distance in any single direction any number HEX, regardless of her current face value her only obstacle is another piece in her path this LAND QUEEN has met an AIR JACK she may choose to go around but it might be just as quick to duel her opponent and be done with it the KINGS and QUEENS are ROYALTY but most of the dice on the board, by far will be 8 sided ACES and 6 sided JACKS
ACES and JACKS are the footsoldiers much of the strategy is in their maneuvering ACES move on connecting hex - up to face value thus, if an ACE'S face value is at its full 8 points he may move up to 8 hexes in all, avoiding SUNS but they may land on SUNS and be SAFE from attack though they may attack another piece from that HEX an ACE lands on a SUN, the move is done same with SPACE, though they are not SAFE there and an entire move to get out JACKS are equally stopped by SPACE where they are SAFE, but may not ATTACK also using up an entire move just to get out 6 sided JACKS may move up to showing face value in any one direction - but may not land on SUNS though they may pass through them freely
4 sided JOKERS and 12 sided DEUCES are considered the wildcards JOKERS may TELEPORT or JUMP, as all or part of their move with a maximum move of 4, they still get around a JUMP may occur within a CONSTELLATION or between any hex of like designation from one Sigma STAR to another or from one Beta STAR to another DEUCES move in VECTORS but they may change direction in mid move as many times as they like - up to face value and are not impeded by SUNS or a single SPACE hex but are stopped by a second - tho they easily get out and may also STARHOP as any part of their move to any neighboring star with a maximum move of 12 they have a linear range of up to 4 SYSTEMS but may also STARHOP correspondingly like JOKERS, as any part of their move BLACK HOLES instantly TELEPORT any piece to the corresponding NEBULA but DEUCES may choose which NEBULA to reappear in and continue on STARHOPPING or not, as she likes, to review... KING - one hex, any direction QUEEN - infinite hex, any direction each, regardless of current face value ACES move on connecting hex - up to face value may not pass through SUNS, but may land on them JACKS move in a straight line only - up to face value may only pass through SUNS, may not land on them together, ACES and JACKS occupy SYSTEMS, and defend CONSTELLATIONS ...for the wildcard pieces... DEUCES move in VECTORS and may also STARHOP JOKERS - face value, any direction and may also TELEPORT DEUCES have a wider range but JOKERS are more versatile
this is the set 
you start with

ultimately, a total of 
21 pieces are possible

you will need to achieve and maintain this FULL POPULATION in order to win the game or proceed to the next level of play but that's another story altogether

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