workin on the 3D Starmap
n ok ...not for nothin, but...
connecting lines between stars
as in a constellation otherwise,
the very local / very bright stars
Sirius, Altair, and Vega
are about 9, 18 n 27
light years away
for one thing...
so: 1a, 2a and 3a
if we say a = 9
but, also… now
the line between
Altair and Vega...
they're exactly 15.00 light years apart
and the connecting line between them
is inclined exactly at exact degrees
relative to Earth's north-south pole
360 equal wedges of a circle
which is a human invention
...17.5 and 20.0...
which is 7b and 8b
if we say b = 2.5

...the blue orb is Vega...
or rather, the Vega system
0.2 light years in diameter
or about 5% the distance from us
to the nearest star Alpha Centauri
...or about same as our Oort cloud

...the cylinder connecting is
0.03 light years in diameter
2000 AU, Earth-Sun distances
(pale Blue on the lower right) can see inside the orb
this new line touches center
as closely as all the others
...right in the exact center
the heart of the solar system
where any planets would be...
and same for the other star

the Origin and Position numbers
are just the average coordinates
(xyz positions for the two stars)
the center point between them
relative to our position (0,0,0)

still workin on the 3D Starmap
and imagine my surprise
when the very next day
i found that
Altair and Sirius
are exactly 25.00
light years apart

now, a light year is based on Earth's year
and the line between them is interestingly
inclined quite roundly to Earth's axial tilt
with 1° being one of 360 wedges in a circle
68.5° and 12.5° - which together = 81 = 9x9

and all three of these stars are indeed
multiples of 9 light years away from us
SIRIUS is about 9 light years away
ALTAIR is about 18 light years away
n VEGA is about 27 light years away
very higly mysteriously curious, eh?
and continuing further
hey, Sirius and Vega
are exactly 33.333
light years apart

now, the image shown
has the connecting line
(amber with red dashes)
touching the exact center
of the main SIRIUS system
but not so center at
the other star VEGA
so, something
is slightly off...
but not by much
...i'll look into it...
at most it would be that
extra third of a light year
(which would be a pity)
prolly justa tiny typo