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- Four -
- 3 sided -
- equilateral -
perfect triangles
on one perfect square
perfect geometric shapes
as a model of the hemisphere
on specific points around the globe
and aligned to stars in the ancient skies
 Egypt  Mexico  China

 Perfect Pyramid
Fortress of Time
The important thing to understand about pyramids is that they were not designed by Pre-Bronze-Age or Post-Stone-Age artisans. While many comparatively pale copies were certainly created in known history, none can compare or even come close to these timeless works attributed to ancient gods.

Though one of the simplest geometrical structures (a "perfect" pyramid is four equilateral triangles, with a perfectly square base), they are not by any means a simple undertaking - and they were not originally meant for undertakers. That the bodies of kings were laid to their final rest within some of them only lends further support to the high regard these different yet equally primitive people held these magical structures. Maybe there really is something "magical" about them, some kind of "wizardry" - but it's not what was envisioned by ancient peoples - and they could not possibly have pulled it off.

Perhaps a more rational explanation: slowly awakening from the stone age, nomads or hunter gatherer tribes, ancestors of the great civilizations they're attributed to, happened upon or finally settled in what must have seemed to them to be divine creations. Perfect symmetry - and not just the pyramids themselves, but all monuments surrounding, as well - the entire complex. The perfect city already built, the greatest society ever, to their knowledge, was soon to follow - but they didn't have the faintest understanding of just exactly what it was they were sitting on.

Primitive secular and military dictatorships do not have the mindset to engineer such phenomenal structures; especially with nothing else like it before. And, if they were periodically torn down and rebuilt, there would be a record of it - a timeline in the development of the architectural and construction technology. Even as a sacred technology, a political secret, there would be something.

In Rome, Greece and China, there were craftsmen, guilds, traditions - handed down from father to son, or to apprentices; the first vocations, the earliest sciences. Or maybe it was just a few thousand years ago - they just did things differently. But that seems impossible to comprehend. There's more to the astronomical alignments than just the harvest. As crucial as accurate weather prediction may be to maintaining a large population in a drastically changing climate, there is no need for Sacred Geometry, no call for the dynamic advanced mathematics to such primitive people. No. This was someone else. This was someone serious - and now they're gone. Or are they?

The Giza complex points to 10,500 BC: all of the concordant monuments are aligned somehow to stars as they appeared in the sky of that era; and there's geological evidence to back it up - but mainstream Egyptology has a vested interest in maintaining the current school of thought - but it's wrong.

Being aligned precisely to cardinal points and placed perfectly on specific lines of latitude; that alone speaks of a culture that knew the dimensions of the Earth, and their precise location upon it - yet, all of this has been continually casually dismissed as mere coincidence by mainstream Egyptologists. Where it touches perfection, it is heralded as a triumph of the ingenuity of ancient artisans, to have accomplished so much with the simplest of tools, in honor of their gods. Where it falls short, it is ammunition to mock pseudo-science; public relations. If it requires a bit of an explanation, it's a too fanciful imagination.

The legend of Atlantis, a shining civilization destroyed in a global deluge. There were many such global floods in our planet's relatively recent history. These structures could have survived them all. There are maps, one found in Alexandria, of Antarctica, centuries before it was discovered - with accurate coastlines under the miles of ice, only verifiable by modern radar. Whether or not there are pyramids on these unseen shores is not known - but it would not be surprising. This is the true origin of Mankind. And its secrets are known. But it is being kept from the people at large.

Such knowledge would change everything; or change enough. It goes against everything society is based on, everything we've been taught in school; and therefore, not for serious minds to consider. Just following it up has proven to be the most difficult challenge in some people's lives. However likely it seems, the more convincing, compelling the evidence, the more kooky you sound. Like the ice of Antarctica, a laughter curtain surrounds the evidence: impenetrable.

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 Xian Pyramids of China

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