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Strange Lifeforms
things that go bump in the night 
that have so far eluded our awareness 
perhaps better adapted to their environment 
because of our lack of acknowledgment 
unhunted, unexploited, unsought 
free as they were created 

70s Bigfoot Amateur Video 70s Bigfoot Amateur Video

Something big has been detected on SONAR
"larger than a shark, but smaller than a whale"
and it could very well be the Loch Ness Monster
but no one has yet captured one, dead or alive.
Recorded sightings date back to the middle ages
though modern equivalents frought with hoaxes

Once open
to the North Sea
a creature of this size
could easily have become
trapped in the loch, protected
and instead of going extinct
somply gone into hiding
in a long theorized, likely
but as yet undiscovered
network of underground caverns.
especially since they apparently
need to surface for air, occasionally.

The northern end of the loch could
feasibly support several creatures
of such immense size indefinitely.

Similar creatures have been reported
sighted in the Great Lakes and in China.
All 3 sites are approximately 45 N latitude.


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