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The Face on Mars
 Cydonia Extrapolation - Mark J Carlotto PhD
3D Extrapolation of Cydonia
image by Mark J Carlotto, PhD
The Cydonia Plateau is home to the
famous and controversial Face on Mars.
This mile long, half mile wide and quarter
mile high "trick of light and shadow" (NASA)
is surrounded by dozens of obviously artificial
and mostly pyramid-like structures, all are
aligned with the Martian cardinal points
and arranged on a proportional grid
of one by the square root of two
the diagonal of a perfect square
and first irrational number.

The entire layout of the complex
employs a higher order of mathematics
which extrapolates from what was known to
the ancients as Sacred Geometry and seems to
include the still elusive (to us) Fourth Theorem
- a calculus poser involving higher dimensions.

The site also seems to be curiously mirrored
(though somewhat reduced in scale, at 14:1)
in Avebury (just 30 km north of Stonehenge)
with many interesting alignments, among them:
When the Spiral Mound on Mars is aligned perfectly
with Silbury Hill itself (both are logarithmic spirals),
the large crater lines up exactly to The Outer Circle
and a road (which predates the area's known history)
corresponds perfectly to "the wall" part of "the 10"
and southwest, the peak of the five-sided
DM Pyramid corresponds to the The Stele.

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There is a face on Mars. A huge stone, human face: about a mile long, a half mile wide and a quarter mile high. If you believe this, people will laugh at you. But, perhaps the universe is arranged so that something like this is not surprising. If aliens exist, if they've been here, watching us, for millennia, even eons; if Atlantis is real; if the gods of our ancient texts were visitors from other worlds; if humans from planet Earth, or humanoids from other worlds, were exploring this system in ancient times - it takes something like that for something like this to make perfect sense. If, having vaguely heard of all of these (and other silly stories), and taken them less than seriously (as you're supposed to), you are suddenly struck with this image, presented with the implications: that all that you hold dear, all of the commonly held, society sanctioned beliefs about Man's place in the Universe, and what may or may not be out there - all of this seems suddenly naive, and this frightens you (understandable, it's a bit of a drop). Then, laughter is your only recourse (also sanctioned by society). If you wish to not believe, do not read any further.
Viking image 35A72 Viking image 70A13
Viking image 35A72 - Colorized Viking image 70A13 - Colorized
Extraplanetary Archaeology - authorities are quick to
dismiss perhaps the most important scientific discovery
in Human history: literal mountains of irrefutable scientific
data, showing that an intelligent, technically sophisticated
and humanoid culture must have once existed on Mars.
There are also pyramids on Mars. At 41 north latitude of our second nearest planetary neighbor, there is an area we modern Earthlings call Cydonia, where exists an elaborate complex of massive and obviously artificial structures - everything about them based on something the ancients called Sacred Geometry. There's literally mountains of scientific data to back this up; but NASA, government officials, professional skeptics and "mainstream scientists" will (sometimes between flamboyant fits of sensationalism), tell the masses, through the media, how laughably dangerous it is to jump to conclusions about something so mind-bogglingly incredulous as that; and other things which everybody knows are true, and how ridiculous that may just happen to sound. Just thinking along those lines is sadly disrespectful to science, itself. But make no mistake: there is incontrovertible evidence for the artificiality of the Cydonian structures, long predating any known civilization - on Earth, or anywhere else.
The first questions on everyone's mind, are of course, wondering who could possibly have built them - no one knows. If it is the face of a man, or some other humanoid (two eyes, a nose and a mouth), he appears to be wearing a helmet - prehaps even reminiscent of ancient Egyptian headwear. Now we're getting into Ancient Astronaut territory - stop right there, or you're a silly kook. Closer inspection discerns a mouthpiece, gleans a breather - the air is thin on Mars, you know. Aha - they did it - they made it work, despite improbable obstacles and impossible conditions, they built a thriving city of pyramids with Sacred Geometry on the shores of a Martain sea - and then their planet was smashed with an asteroid. Perhaps their detractors were insulted. Imputence.

The Sphinx, it turns out, dates back to 10,500 BC (the Age of Leo), right before a minor global cataclysm here on Earth; which is not unlikely to happen, should a major global cataclysm occur on Mars. The Pyramid Complex at Giza is also based on Sacred Geometry, as are many other ancient "sacred" sites worldwide - all of them arranged geometrically to each other on the globe, using the same simple format of basic universal numbers. A search is underway for other artificial sites on Mars - and, using this simple logic, once another is found, we have a pretty good idea where to look for many more.

If you wonder why no one seems to be taking this seriously, that's just the way things are. The way of the world today, at this level in our intellectual and social development, supposedly every foundation of our society would be challenged - our entire way of life: from science and technology to economics, politics and religion. This is huge. This changes everything. Everybody you know will suddenly purport to have believed in UFOs all along. (It's just not polite conversation.) Millions may be found cowering under their beds in the fetal position. And, for millions more, time for war. We're not ready yet. All of the history books would have to be rewritten. "The way things are" would suddenly change overnight. Slowly at first, more in shock than anything else; but soon, certain chaos; definite disaster - and there would be no turning back - or, so goes the reasoning.

Imagine religious institutions' positions, if there were irrefutable evidence that Man was not created on Earth - many would probably insist they still don't believe it; or, that it is the work of the devil. Imagine every nation on Earth, and uncountable internal factions, clamoring for control of every archaeological site they could guess at or half imagine, (or fake: having now become the ultimate commodities, themselves). Governments take over, but they're not equipped to - even military dictatorships will find it impossible to police every ancient monument. And, finally (for some), whoever is able to, will begin seriously searching for Atlantis; trying to find something of the lost rumored super technology - that could, as a species, snap us out of our long amnesia - but it could also snap us, into many pieces.

Those in power seldom have it in their interest to share it. But they also don't want everything to fall apart, either. Perhaps this is the most important reason why those currently in power so openly and casually dismiss any piece of evidence even remotely along these lines. The first order of business: dismiss any and all facts in evidence; to the point of ridicule, if need be - and next, perhaps even more importantly: discredit the messenger. They don't want anyone else to learn the truth - not just yet anyways: not until they have complete control over the situation. And why stop there?

NASA's official position is that "most scientists" think that the images are an optical illusion - that's what they say. Or, a perhaps wider perception is, that most scientists are afraid to bring forth findings that challenge the establishment - they'd be ruined. The established timeline is dubious, and fulfilled a political need in past centuries for Science to have an easily comprehended answer to many burning questions - but conclusionf for which there was no real hard evidence supporting. If you're a scientist, and you don't believe in evolution, you can't also believe that we're alone in the universe - not and call yourself a scientist; it just doesn't make sense. These conclusions conveniently followed very closely to matters historic and existential, found in western translations of the Bible, and thus were generally accepted as fact without question. It's not just evolution, it's everything.

It is surprising however, that despite the many technological advances in the past century, very few of these suppositions have been openly challenged - despite their now glaring inaccuracies. Debates rage for months, years, even decades - reputations and careers are destroyed - knowledge rots. Gamma-ray bursts turned out to be super-massive black-holes; dark matter, the interstellar medium; Io has volcanoes. When finally an innocent piece of evidence is happened upon, scientists sometimes don't know what to make of it, at first. Too often, the only acceptable conclusion, is that it can't possibly be simply, exactly what it seems. It can't be the obvious first thing you think of, which we were taught to laugh at in school. But then, one rogue comes along, perhaps with the job security to point out the obvious - and everyone's happy again, almost; for a time. For probably every stunning scientific discovery, there's a discredited scientist somewhere, who submitted a paper ages ago, hypothesizing same; and was deemed misguided - a kook.

In the scope of history, Science seems to be making an incremental ascension to the truth, as each new revelation eventually becomes politically convenient. In the Renaissance, Galileo's telescope ultimately helped prove earlier "heretic" theories that the Earth orbits the Sun, and not the other way around. The People of the day were ready for this, but the Church was not - neither was the Church ready for the People to know the Truth. After all, if they were seen to have been so wrong for so long about something like that, everything else may have come into question - but, most importantly, their authority. Today, Earth is being gradually downgraded: slowly accepted as being no longer unique in its ability to support life - but these are still grudging admissions. Every day, the scientist who stands firm in his belief of life on other worlds, becomes more and more accepted by his colleagues in more mainstream science - but there is still a long way to go. Yes, Virginia: the Face on Mars, too.

Among the most intriguing and most ridiculed of curiosities supporting the artificiality of the Cydonia Complex is that all of these objects are precisely arranged using the same universal mathematics and Sacred Geometry that are found in all of the most impressive and most ancient of archaeological sites here on Earth - where there also just happen to be giant pyramids, occasionally; another sacred geometrical form - but nothing even approaching the scale and scope of those found on Mars.

Today, thanks to the Mars Rock ALH84001 and recent robotic missions, it is widely accepted that there was once water, and even a breathable atmosphere on Mars. But whatever global cataclysm that made the Red Planet now completely inhospitable to Human life, these massive monuments remain in stony testimony to a once thriving perhaps even Human civilization, present on Mars so long ago - who were apparently far more technologically advanced than we are today - unless they were just poets at math, and shuttled interplanetarily by someone else. Possibly Earthlings: maybe humanoid life originated on Mars first, and we're its descendants. This is not science fiction. This is science fact. It may take the world a while to warm up to the idea.

On August 6,
1996 NASA
Mars Rock

(collected from the
Alan Hills region of
Antarctica, in 1984)
was found to have
what appears to be
fossilized bacteria
from millions
or perhaps
billions of
years ago.
 ALH84001 zoom
Whoever it is up there, depicted for everlasting posterity, it was designed to be appreciated from above - and at a mile and a half across, over half a mile wide and a quarter mile high - one wonders if the denizens of this ancient coastal region ever considered themselves a planetbound society. Were they visitors, colonists from another star system; or is this just the only remnant we have of an ancient humanoid civilization on Mars?

Maybe it was pure artistic expression, or even simple vanity, like the kind of statues we have virtually everywhere in our own modern cities today. One thing is certain, it stands out like a sore thumb - you can't miss the site. Intentional or not, meant for themselves or distant descendants (namely, us): this is exactly what one would expect to find if our society were to hold the belief that there has ever been beings like ourselves beyond our sphere.

In any case, even if there were no Face, the design and layout of the complex surrounding: this is the trademark mysterious way that the ancients did things - yet, "mainstream" science appears to be refusing to even look into it. As far as they're concerned, there is nothing to it; and anyone who thinks there is, should not be taken seriously. But some researchers have discovered that authorities are in fact taking this very seriously, indeed. But it's a members-only club; and those who would speak this shocking truth aloud, for anyone to hear, need not apply themselves.

MGS 98 Colorized Photo MGS 98 Inverted and Colorized Photo  NASA's Face 1998 - colorized, turned 180
Mars orange false-color
added here for contrast
same image inverted to simulate
lighting from the northwest
rotated 180 (upside down)
reminding us of its symmetry
High-resolution images of the Face, made from NASA's original 1998 MGS widely publicized "debunking" press-release image (below); which is suspected to have been altered in favor of ambiguity. The lighting is from the east (morning sun), perhaps naturally obscuring detail: of obvious, evident, equidistant, parallel, artificial symmetry in the surrounding platform; especially in the straight eastern and curved north edges. But, even the "raw" image clearly shows the straight western and curverd southern edges: so the public can see where even a conscientious scientist might easily make the mistake.

35A72 - from Viking 1 The Viking Photos

MGS composite The Investigation

Isometric rendering from Viking image 35A72 The Face

The City conforms to the Golden Mean Pyramid Cities

Asteroids Caused a Global Martian Disaster Disaster

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Face on Mars FAQ
From the book: The Case for the Face
(Stanley McDaniel & Monica Rix Paxon, Editors)

Putting the skeptics straight, and the rest of us at ease
that Cydonia is definitely worthy of serious investigation !

Cydonia: Two Years Later
Detailing how mysterious MGS malfunctions
prevented a more detailed aerial scan of the face.
From: The Malin Space Science Systems Website

UFO - Mars Correlations
A study of the correlations between
UFO waves and the distance of Mars !

Geographic Geometry
"A New Look at an Old Design" ~ by Jim Alison
Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships
Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World

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