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Crop Circles

Some Crop Circles are hoaxes,
but most could not possibly be.
The authentic ones are all
precisely perfect
fractal designs
(symetrical, balanced, and self repeating),
dowse well, measure slightly radioactive
and all of the plants are still alive.

The stalks are bent (not broken)
altogether untouched by human hands
and intricately woven into circular patterns
after having been superheated from within.
The nodes must somehow fold in sequence,
the entire glyph being created all at once.

Local residents have
also reported a foul odor
unrecognizable, intolerable
the worst they ever smelled
while driving past the field
where one appeared
the next morning.

this is big
this is huge
throw some money into research
but keep it top secret

 The Phenomena The Phenomena

 Crop Circle Gallery  Crop Circle Gallery
 Crop Circle Gallery  Crop Circle Gallery

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