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acoustic blues

2000 demo
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hey, tomorrow
i hear ya wanna make me cry
i wonder why
i wonder why

is it these silly chords?
maybe no melody
no groove
or is it just me

it’s all i know
how to do
maybe try somethin new
what will please you?
if i only knew

hey, tomorrow
they say yer gonna make me die
i wonder why
i wonder why

this is where a solo would go
but i don’t even know
long lista stuff i’m doin wrong
can’t even sing a song

i don’t know what to do
you know i got no clue
n still i gotta prove
that i’m worthy of you
that i can really do
what you want me to do
yeah, if i only knew

n all the other tomorrows
that will ever come after
will tire of me, no matter
how hard or even if i try