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The Sea
open C blues

2000 demo
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acoustic w FX
(3:50) 901 K

some of us were born under an alien sign 
some while a ufo was surely flyin by 
some'll be lawyers n some'll be cops 
some with good intentions n some jus must be stopped 

meat eaters n plant eaters can't stand each other's smell 
n everybody's sure their neighbor's goin straight to hell 
but we're sposed to love, n we're brainwashed to hate 
sent in her to wait but it's already far too late 

naturally selected, elected n protected 
from stars floatin in here with me 
contemplating our comtempt 
- in a wide open sea 

some'll grow up comfortable n fit into their skin 
some'll love to sin n some're born to win 
some while haley's comet is flyin in or out 
some're born to wonder n some'll grow to doubt 

intoxicated peace n addicted to war 
n no one tell the little ones what anything is for 
surrounded by pain, technology n desire 
threatened with the ever looming eternal lake of fire 

some of us got infinity carved into the back of our heads 
some afraid of livin but we all will wind up dead 
in the end of future daze despite every written law 
we'll wander in this maze afraid of everything we saw 

it's a complex puzzle - but they say there's a way out 
but who are they n how do they know ? 
n which way now am i sposed to go ? 
- don't lie to the sea