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Purple Roses

acoustic prog blues
(medley, part 2 of 3)

2000 demo
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acoustic w FX
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2000 demo
whole medley
/ Purple Roses
/ Star Troopers
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dreamer, you can think what ya want
jus open yer eyes n yer already there
ya been around n seen a few shadows unaware
believer, if you could see who you are
ya still might not really seem to care
feelin nothin n thinkin it's somethin to be scared
     purple roses hide inside yer weary mind

brother, ya gotta find yer own way now
n soon realize it ain't all what it seems
there's a hole in yer mind wherever i usedta be
lover, they got the best part of your heart
forgot where they laid it n now yer alone
you had it comin jus bein innocent n alone
     purple roses fly beyond yer space m time