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I'm a Kid
acoustic blues

2000 demo
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clean electric
(2:10) 510 K

i'm a kid n all i want to do is play - i can play all day 
rivers and hills and trees and sky - all of this is mine 
     nobody else is here - i run and dance, yeah, i'm truly free 
     guess i'll jus set right here wit me back to the tree	 	 sometimes i talk to the tree - but it never talks back to me 
now i am an old man n i'm almost just about to die - let's stare at the sky 
this is my favorite tree - he likes to stand near me 
     everybody else is here - except, soon, me 	 	 sometimes i talk to the tree, but it never talks back to me
     sometimes we dare to dream - but they never come true for me 
now i am a god - and i am the trees and hills and sky 
i guess i've gone beyond - this must be what it's like when you die 
     finally truly free - don't need to run, don't need to see 
     i am in every dream - and it's all way more than even it seems