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High Dive
acoustic jam

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clean acoustic
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high dive 

think i'll take a walk out on the high dive
n take a dangerous look down at the waters below
always wondered what it might be like to fly
if only for a second, at least i will know

i take the rungs n i start to climb
til my knees are where my eyes used to be
	n my eyes are where i used to think of
	as the bottom of the sky
for some strange reason, i continue to climb
n i’m standin in the sky, n a minute goes by
	c'mon, ya pussy – do a swan dive
	backflip, jackknife, anything

i slowly peek down at all the minions below
	a crowd has now gathered, they want me to go
i creep up to the edge n i look straight down
	if i don’t do this exactly right, i could possibly drown

i take a deep breath n look up at the sky
there’s a bird way up high who knows how to fly
	i can’t believe the fuckin thing
	just shit right on my fuckin face
for some strange reason, i forget i’m up high
n grope for somethin to wipe the shit outta my eyes
	n fall 10 feet off the board
	n belly smack to rowdy applause

that’s it, i’ve had it with fuckin high dives
	too fuckin dangerous, too many crowds
anyways, i can’t, i been banned from the pool
	can’t even go swimmin, no longer allowed