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The Hero
acoustic ditty

2000 demo
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electric w FX
(2:24) 283 K

the hero

the hero walks out on the road, draggin his past behind him
he knows what he’s been told, that no one will ever find him
where he’s goin, nobody ever been there
where he’s from, life just wasn’t fair

hero, hero, whatcha gonna do?
somebody's got to stand up for truth
where are you when we need you?

a damsel waitin high up in a tower, for anyone to save her
they fall down by the hour, there’s always someone braver
a villain sets fire to the moat, n twists his greasy moustache
the hero’s got a boat, n a suitcase fulla cash

hero, hero, whatcha gonna do?
nobody leaves it up to you
no one knows and no one shows you

the director yells cut n whispers print, n all the minions scurry
i’ll give you a little hint, my agent’s pretty worried
the stars kick back n light a smoke, n stare into the distance
n share a private joke, about their audience

hero, hero, whatcha gonna do?
do you even know what’s true?
who the hell even are you?