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maybe she jus wants to see
    what it is she thinks i need to be free
maybe she jus wants to give
    what she needs to live
but y'know i gotta say
    i'm gonna keep er number anyway

y’know it’s cold outside
    seems a long time til summer’s comin round
n it be rainin, n the storm winds may blow
    but you n i know where to go…

canya feel my heat?
    ain’t it funny how lovers meet
    cold n lonely, out on the street
its as real as my heat

n when i die, they’re gonna bury me on boot hill
would you cry, be there, stay aware, have a care
say a prayer for me? i know you will
    n doesn’t it ever seem to you
    we got nothin’ better to do
    than to stare back at you
    from pictures on your wall 

under open sky, when you dare to see, where they hide
all our lives, given to simplicity, don't ask why 
    n then one day it may seem to you 
    that ya just can't beat the view 
    even if nothin's ever true
    we're just pictures on your wall

y’know it's cold outside, today
    stay inside, sit by the fire for a while
n it be rainin, n the storm winds may blow
    but you n i ain't got anywhere to go…