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Flown Away
Folk Rock Jam

98 demo
Totally Tweaked
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acoustic, electric
bass n vox
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she smiled at the fireflies 
said they look just like eyes 
     n he wasted the day away 
     hadnt that much to say...
          can ya come out to play ? 
          ah, but that was yesterday 
               n all you could not say
               didn't matter anyway
               now yer flown away 

we sailed into the waiting dawn 
with all of our lights turned on...
     he waited for the moon to rise 
     join us in paradise (very nice)
          wishin your dreams away 
          heaven can find another way 
               watchin the world go by 
               n still yer soul survives 
               got ya flown away 

she stayed there all alone 
not that much is known...
     we wanted just to see him on 
     n now that one is long gone
          run from your wasted life 
          til ya see with your own two eyes 
               we thought yad know by now 
               its goin around 
               n flown away