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2000 demo
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and in the lower realms
minions of civilizations
too hostile for contact

caveman, where's your sky ? 
surrounded by yer blinded eyes 
foolish things to believe in 
     complicate my sin 
follow n you will be shown 
or stay here, safe with what you've always known 
     king of your mountain 

underworld, so deep 
fight to take, take to keep 
dare to dream of more, if you can 
     beyond your known, my caveman 
follow n you will believe 
n return to your hole, or embrace what you've seen 
     king of your mountain 

     blue sky 
     welcome to real life 
     stars shine, birds fly 
     grass green, air clean 
     we're free as we can be 
     fire high, god of the sky 
     yeah, well that's the sun 
     n no, not the only one 
here there are no laws
only justice