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Do You Like
What You See
acoustic ditty

2000 demo
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acoustic w FX
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2000 demo
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Picking Up Flowers /
Do You Like What You See
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i see ya like talkin bout 
all the walkin you done 
but tell me, did ya really have any fun ? 
     and do you like what you see ? 
     was it all so meant to be ? 

tell me another faerie story bout
when you were tightly wrapped in glory 
did ya jus lay right back n take it all in ? 
     or were you thinkin bout the past ? 
     was it all so too good to last ? 

n now ya tell us all a funny tale 
bout how when ya landed up in jail 
did ya like yer nice white padded room ? 
     n learn you some secret mystery ?
     were we all just born to be free ?