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Dance for the King
Melodic Bass

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bass w FX
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dance for the king

the king, he is made of stone
brooding in his electric throne 
     magic and monsters
     fill his nightmares when heís alone 
he watches as they dance for him
forgiving their heretic sins 
     dancin for the wizard 
     for the mighty king, he is older than
     when first we knew him before
theyíve stolen all his treasure
melted all his gold
     raped the lovely princess
     enchanted then, iím told
no queen to hold him through the night
his frozen armies no longer fight
     no dancing for him can make him smile
     he broods right through into the checkered tile

thereís a lion in the corner
and heís waitin on your call
     but he wonít be there for anyone
     if he has to break your fall
in the hallway there are pictures
of places far away
     but you arenít in any of them
     in the arms of the lion today
if you couldíve seen the magic
that you brought on to everyone
     yeah, you might have won
but yer only in the arms of the lion now
for as much as you care, you could be dyin

the king, now left all alone
exiled from his mythical home
     battle on, yon warriors
     his quest is not his own
minstrels n jesters sing of him
reliving checkered heretic sins 
     dancin for the wizard 
     watch the rainbows as the unicorns ride 
     what do dragons do to survive?
they filled his heart with pleasure
n say his soulís been sold
     but no one knows how to capture him
     without breakin off some of the stone 
the queenís pawns take a bishop's knight 
castles fight line of sight send arrows his way
     but nothing we say can make him stay
     canít try, or die, can only fade away