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i was once waitin atta left turn light 
in macon, georgia (just inside the city limits)
the guy in fronta me was kinda my neighbor
and i knew him to be a little tough
	then he backed up, n bumped my bumper
	then he pulled back forward again
i got out of my car, to check my bumper 
n it was alright, i guess 
	so, i walked up to his window 
	n then i thought better about it 
n i decided to just say, “thank you”
to which he immediately replied, “yer welcome”

i was once ridin home on my bike, no hands
in detroit, michigan (just inside the city limits)
i worked as a parking lot guard at a local strip bar
called the gold door, it was mobbed up
	as i had nothin to do for hours but stare at parked cars
	i always brought my acoustic guitar
n on this occasion, cuz i was young and foolish
i decided to play myself a little song
	suddenly, i hit a pothole, n fell to the ground
	rolled perfectly, amazingly damaging nothin
the angels proudly admitted they saved me
but demanded i write em a song

got a flat tire, one night, on the freeway
in portland, oregon (just inside the city limits)
about midnight, after an open mic
headed home to my lovely wife
	trucks were goin by, about 75
	comin a little too close, maybe on purpose
justa shake my poor little coupe
too scared to change it myself
	took over two hours for the tow truck to arrive
	quarter mile to the nearest tree, but i still couldn't hide
flashin orange lights behind me, suddenly everyone makes way
but not to worry, insurance paid