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“why, that’s beautiful,” she says 
“could be the secret, yeah, of all the universe”
so perfectly simple, n naturally you believe her 
the differences between a blessing and a curse

she was only innocent, she was blind 
with a broken-hearted state of mind 
now she’s kept in quiet seclusion 
entertained by illusion 

yeah, wanda the wicked witch walks by 
her wandering soul was bought and sold 
out in the cold pourin rain 

yeah, you know what it’s like on the other side 
something, then your dreams just slip away 
but don’t be scared of it, or even shy 
cuz you ain’t seen the best of it yet 

look up in the sky 
cold n hungry eyes 
told n spreadin lies

oh, look what i found 
a piece of spirit on the ground 
don't be a fool, leave it down 

“why that’s beautiful,” she says 
well then, i guess it really is