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All Around
mellow acoustic

2000 demo
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electric w FX
(2:16) 534 K

all around 

you feel it all around 
that soon there comes a day 
the lost will all be found
the mute will have their say
the leaves are on the ground
for some they're in their way
they feel it in the sound
they don’t know what to say

sometimes they know the way
do you recall the day
when smilin’ people all went out the back way?
they feel it in the sound
when dreamin’ with the ground
those who know where we’re all bound are all facin’ down

the mist is all around
it moves up from the bay
descends upon the town
sends people on their way
the people up n down
all go about their day
never noticing the sound
only a cast of gray

they feel it in the ground 
n some dream of the sound
drawn further into madness, those already down
and of those in the fray
as if they’re made of clay
curing them of sadness, if only for today