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Haunted • Countdown • Triod • Skull • Alone • Carnival • Runes
 • Burn My Flag • Death n Taxes • Somethin About You • Golden Girl • 
Mental Force • I Still Need You • A Place in Your Heart • Jam • Joey • Volcano
 • FBI • I'm a Kid • Just a Little • Outta Pocket • Higher • Black Eyes • Forgotten • 

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it was 9 in my mind when the sun went down - n it burned up the mountains all night 
high time in hell n the prophets scream blood - sky turned to burnin n burned outta sight 
by the late o'clock news they had learned how to fight - via satellite n to the public's delight 
before the choppers touched down they been run outta town - n all around knew the names of those clowns 
when the movie came on they were already gone - but unexpected as the dawn was the midnight sun 
     fires burnin high in the sky - radiation rainin down - n fallin down now on yer town
     tryin as they might it's alright - it's jus light - n now they frown down mountains 
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...she come on fire n ice...
n reminisce on all that's gone
n she wanna innocent mind
to make it come undone
anybody lookin
take ya outside
no one else around
for ya to hear em talk
nice ride
checkin out
the back seat
need a place to park
leave the meter runnin
all my love in er smile n eyes
all night long til it fades out
remember the runes
god o the sun
god o the moon
under the stars
under the skies
lookin down
thru er eyes
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alone - to fear the sight of man 
whose vision and mind contain the world 
that knows not of his existence - or place 
but persistance strives him onward to another world 
where freedom and light are one with the day 
     but darkness is when he is here
     with his world
     n his visions
     n the dark 
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Burn My Flag
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hey you with a hole in your mind - tell me somethin kind
where’re you runnin to n where’ve you gone - stop makin money offa my god
     tell me somethin now - how is it we never really make it somehow
     ya burn my flag n i’ll kick yer ass - say whatever you will when i'm gone, at last
hey you with a hole in your world - all up in smoke when it comes unfurled
whaddya remember now n whaddya know - why ya always ready to get up n jus go 
     is that pain or is it blood - whatever it was, it got lost in the mud
     ya burned my flag n i kicked yer ass - too many empty pages
Death n Taxes
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you’ve joined the army, proud son
to learn to march and fire a gun 
n soon ya wear a suit so grand 
n show the world that you’re a man 
     n be something that lives without feeling
     that destroys its own kind without thinking
     n thru darkness and misunderstanding 
     would destroy itself protecting what it thinks is right

ya say it’s part of getting older 
to serve your country as a soldier 
and travel anywhere and fight there 
and show the people what is right there 
     is it right for a man to be living 
     in a slum just because his skin isn’t white 
     but will your mothers and sisters be forgiving 
     all the things you did defending what you think is right

you can’t imagine what i’m thinking 
we’ve got to fight them while they’re small 
or their disease will soon be spreading 
and then we’ll never kill them all 
     yeah, but - you know, my friend, that by killing 
     yer committing all mankind’s most selfish sin 
     while the death rates and tax rates are rising 
     we must live to make our country stronger from within 
Somethin About You
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there's somethin about you - i can see it in your eyes 
it is all around you - when will you ever realize
     i don't understand it
     some kinda magic
     burnin in yer mind 
its light shinin out thru yer eyes
     blindin n exposin all lies
     lightin the way to paradise 

Golden Girl
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once upon a mornin, golden girl arose slowly
everything i see n she meant to mean to me
crossin my mind like the golden burnin dawn
n then, one day, golden girl was gone
     oh, no - whatcha gonna do to me
     oh, no - howzit gonna be
     oh, no - whazzit gonna prove to me
     look in her eyes - yer paradise on fire
Mental Force
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I Still Need You
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A Place in Your Heart
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nsa atf eta ebe rsvp asap 
fbi ufo mib mtv bbc ncic omfg 
42cn42b 2cp 99 4q jfc yg2bfkm 
I'm a Kid
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i'm a kid - n all i want to do is play - i can play all day 
rivers n hills n trees n sky - alla this is mine 
nobody else is here - run n dance - i'm truly free 
     sometimes i talk to the trees - but they never talk back to me 
now i'm an old man - n i'm almost just about to die - let's stare at the sky 
see my favorite tree - he stands near me 
everybody else is here - except, soon, me 
     sometimes we dare to dream - but they never come true for me 
now i am a god - n the trees n hills n grass n sky 
guess i've gone beyond - this must be what it's like
finally n truly free - don't need to run or dance or see 
     i'm in every dream - n it's all way more than it seems 
Outta Pocket
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send me a bucket up o nacho cheese
gotta handfulla chips that no one else needs
gonna stir up a slurp o a better disease
heavy happy to happen - have another one, please
     n alla my salt is jus lickin #41
     flippin for more fun, fingerin no one
     n i figure 69's about to come undone
     stick around for settin n risin o the sun
sex in the corner o a trailer in vegas
long off the strip - get some tannin on yer legs
n area 51 sez never mind the mess
n if 42 begs - they can have the dregs
     66, high 5 - spritzin out the 409
     complicate the feelin fine, it's alla on yer dime
     lost in the wilderness, send me another sign
     diggin ya whine - n all outta time
          put it in me pocket...
Just a Little
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just a little crazy - stoned n spacey
tired n lazy - caught in the middle
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Black Eyes
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Haunted • Countdown • Triod • Skull • Alone • Carnival • Runes
 • Burn My Flag • Death n Taxes • Somethin About You • Golden Girl • 
Mental Force • I Still Need You • A Place in Your Heart • Jam • Joey • Volcano
 • FBI • I'm a Kid • Just a Little • Outta Pocket • Higher • Black Eyes • Forgotten •