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Skeeter, Wow
The Sea
Spooky Mama
Money Friends
Tan Santa
Can't Stop Rockin
Dealin Rozie
Psychic Slime
Stagecoach Racers
Smack Sally
Scam Charlie
Wax Lily
No Country

Skeeter, Wow
(1:16) - 300 K
tripped out space explorer - i thought you could fly 
show me your face, i emplore you - look into my eyes 
can ya keep the faith i've given you - by thinkin twice ? 
how d'ya like my universe - don'tcha think it's nice ? 

the faith that you seek - is not within your reach 
the paradise you fight to keep - has long forgotten peace 
any answers you may need - are lyin there at your feet 
     you may crush them walkin in your sleep 
     but with that you only plant their seeds 

been through hell in half the time 
     n still has stars in her eyes 
     trusts, she has the magic 
     let her fly

spinnin through infinity - struggle n ya try to see 
the ignorance of empathy - n arrogance of apathy 
emptiness in entropy - find a long forgotten dream
islands of a subtle stream - the detriment of destiny 
n hide inside yer empty room - the silence o yer solitude 
n all its burnin now inside of you - to finish off yer fantasies 
n senses o impending doom - they run n hide but not from you 
n exit with the ecstacy - n all the extremities of your dreams 
(10:16) - 2.9 MB
The Sea
(3:50) - 901 K
some of us were born under an alien sign 
n some while a ufo was shyly flyin by 
all lovers n lawyers n criminals n cops 
     some with sucker good intentions
     n some jus must be stopped 

meat eaters n plant eaters can't stand each other's smell 
n everybody's sure their neighbor's goin straight to hell 
but we're sposed to love, n we're brainwashed to hate 
     sent in here to wait in state
     but it's already far too late 

     naturally selected, elected n protected 
     from stars floatin in here with me 
     contemplating our comtempt 
     in a wide open sea 

some'll grow up comfortable n fit into their skin 
some'll love to sin n some're born to win 
some while someone's comet is flyin in or out 
some're born to wonder n some'll grow to doubt 

intoxicated peace n addicted up to war 
n no one tell the little ones what anything is for 
surrounded by pain, technology n desire 
threatened with the ever looming eternal lake of fire 

some of us got infinity carved into the back of our heads 
some afraid of livin but we all will wind up dead 
in the end of future daze despite every written law 
we'll wander in this maze afraid of everything we saw 

     it's a complex puzzle - but they say there's a way out 
     but who are they n how do they know ? 
     n which way now am i sposed to go ? 
     don't lie to the sea 
(6:49) - 1.56 MB
and in the lower realms
minions of civilizations
too hostile for contact

caveman, where's your sky ? 
surrounded by yer blinded eyes 
foolish things to believe in 
     complicate my sin 
follow n you will be shown 
or stay here, safe with what you've always known 
     king of your mountain 

underworld, so deep 
fight to take, take to keep 
dare to dream of more, if you can 
     beyond your known, my caveman 
follow n you will believe 
n return to your hole, or embrace what you've seen 
     king of your mountain 

     blue sky 
     welcome to real life 
     stars shine, birds fly 
     grass green, air clean 
     we're free as we can be 
     fire high, god of the sky 
     yeah, well that's the sun 
     n no, not the only one 

here there are no laws, only justice 
livin for dreams, you lusted n died
only for your cause, to survive 
you can stay n be free, if you have the mind
Spooky Mama
(5:40) - 664 K
and if you could read my mind 
you'd know that you're not my kind 
n run n hide n try to find 
all treasures long left far behind 

hey - i wish ya never had to see me cry 
yeah - but now it's time for me to say goodbye 
Money Friends
(1:57) - 459 K
if ya think yer cool, maybe you can hang out with my money friends - they wonít make amends 
theyíre the kind that you can count on to leave you when yer down - they wonít even be around 
     but ya really wouldnít listen to me - cuz you donít know what iím sayin 
     maybe we jus need a vacation - see you there
found my savior in a dollar bill n then the world just ends - but we had so much left to spend 
state of mind, the haves n have-nots - the lazy common man jus don have a plan 
     but they really wouldnít listen to me - cuz they donít know what iím sayin 
     maybe we can jus take a vacation - free and clear
Tan Santa
(0:53) - 212 K
Can't Stop Rockin
(0:53) - 212 K
and if you could see my baby now 
you wouldn't know just what to do 
cuz she's the sweetest girl in town 
     cry if she took one look at you 
     fly off with all your hoochie coo 
          when she get high 
          can't stop rockin 
          blow your mind 
Dealin Rozie
(1:35) - 742 K
back when i was dealin, rozie wuzza parta my mind - yeah, but she was stealin alla my time 
tried to find the meanin, deeper in the pride of my life - but with no feelin left for what's right 
     alla dudes're runnin n i'm along to see what they say - too much fun to find a better way 
     but now i'm busy healin cuz rozie's still a parta my mind - should be fine, in good time 
back when i was feelin it, rozie wuzza law o the land - i had the firmament in my hands
tried to keep a meanin, deeper n deeper - livin getcha smacked down by da man, man
     all the dudes're losin it - i'm a spirit psych alongside - too undone to find a better ride
     n now i'm kneelin n rozie's all but gone from my mind - be mine again, in good time 
Psychic Slime
(1:06) - 260 K
Stagecoach Racers
(1:15) - 148 K
i really wanna be a groovy movie star - yeah, stagecoach racers 
n maybe we can hang out at the sushi bar - n hang with free wine tasters 
n later we can take it all a bit too far - so bring yer pencil erasers 
     we'll be doin it too loud
     hangin wit wrong crowd 
     yer mama be so proud
Smack Sally
(1:51) - 436 K
Scam Charlie
(0:00) - 0 K
Wax Lily
(0:00) - 0 K
(0:00) - 0 K
No Country
(4:24) - 517 K
raised a phone to you
nuthin else to do
this's what i have for you
     outta change, still the same
     n long since gone insane
where am i n where're you ?

Skeeter, Wow
The Sea
Spooky Mama
Money Friends
Tan Santa
Can't Stop Rockin
Dealin Rozie
Psychic Slime
Stagecoach Racers
Smack Sally
Scam Charlie
Wax Lily
No Country