1Take a Look Around
2Funk #49
3Walk Away
4Turn to Stone
5Rocky Mountain Way
7Life's Been Good
8All Night Long
9A Life of Illusion
10The Confessor
11Ordinary Average Guy

Take a Look Around you will never see me walking around feeling low you will never hear there goes a man who doesn't know too many roads to walk too many things to do too many words to talk moments too few i don't think you know though you've been told a million times its not clear to see unless you read in between the lines look out your window when did it start ? nothing's for certain it's just a part if you're feeling low, no and your world comes tumbling down if you see how time stops, better take a look around good things must end they never last look to tomorrow forget the past

Funk #49 sleep all day, out all night - i know where you're goin i don't think that's actin right - you don't think it's showin jumpin up, fallin down - don't misunderstand me you don't think that I know your plan - what you tryin-a hand me ? out all night, sleep all day - i know what you're doin if you're gonna act that way - i think there's trouble brewin
Funk #49
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  verse 2

- theme 2
  after drum solo

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- theme 3






Walk Away takin my time, choosin my lines - tryin to decide what to do looks like my stop don't wanna get off - got myself hung up on you seems to me - you don't wanna talk about it seems to me - you just turn your pretty head and walk away places i've known, things that i'm growin - don't taste the same without you i got my self in the worst mess i've been - and i find myself starvin without you seems to me - talk all night here comes the mornin seems to me - you just forget what we said and greet the day i've got to cool myself down, stompin around - thinkin some words i can't name ya meet you half way, got nothing to say - still i don't spose i can blame ya seems to me - you don't wanna talk about it seems to me - you just turn your pretty head and walk away

Turn to Stone hey, now - the well run dry - pages of your book on fire - read the writing on the wall hoe down - it's a show-down - everywhere you look, we're fighting - hear the call and you know it's gettin stronger can't last very much longer - turn to stone well there's a change in the wind - you know the signs don't lie such a strange feelin - and i don't know why it's takin such a long time backyard people, and they work all day - tired of the speeches and the way that the reasons keep changin - just to make the words rhyme
Turn to Stone
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  theme 2b



Rocky Mountain Way spent the last year, rocky mountain way - couldn't get much higher out to pasture, think it's safe to say - time to open fire and we don't need the ladies cryin cuz the story's sad cuz the rocky mountain way is better than the way we had well he's tellin us this and he's tellin us that - changes it every day - says it doesn't matter bases are loaded and casey's at bat, playin it play by play - time to change the batter

Meadows can't think of any reason - don't know exactly why must be it's out of season - give it another try i'm out here in the meadow - part of an old stone wall stand here because he said so - waitin around to fall some things are left unspoken - some things are handed down the circle stands unbroken - sendin it back around i've seen you roll in clover - dressed for a scarecrow wall too bad the dance is over - nothin to show at all can't help but feel uncertain - knowing which way to turn they want to raise the curtain - and you're hopin the words to learn

Life's Been Good i have a mansion - forget the price - ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice i live in hotels tear out the walls - i have accountants pay for it all they say i'm crazy but i have a good time i'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime life's been good to me so far my maserati does 185 - i lost my license, now i don't drive i have a limo, ride in the back - i lock the doors, in case i'm attacked i'm making records - my fans, they can't wait - they write me letters, tell me i'm great so i got me an office, gold records on the wall - just leave a message, maybe i'll call lucky i'm sane after all i've been through everybody says i'm cool (he's cool) i can't complain but sometimes i still do life's been good to me so far i go to parties, sometimes until four - it's hard to leave when you can't find the door it's tough to handle, this fortune and fame - everybody's so different, i haven't changed they say i'm lazy, but it takes all my time everybody says, oh yeah (oh yeah) i keep on goin, guess i'll never know why life's been good to me so far

All Night Long get up early and we work all day we put our times cause we like to stay up all night long... keep on grinnin till the weekend come justa pinch between your cheek and gum all night long... we start in the morning and we get the job done take care of bussines and have some fun all night long... we like a long neck and a good old song turn it up and then we sing along all night long... oh - stay up all night long

A Life of Illusion sometimes i can't help the feeling that i'm living a life of illusion and oh, why can't we let it be and see thru the hole in this wall of confusion i just can't help the feeling i'm living a life of illusion pow, right between the eyes - oh, how nature loves her little surprises wow, it all seems so logical now - it's just one of her better disguises and it comes with no warning, nature loves her little surprises - continual crisis hey, don't you know it's a waste of your day - caught up in endless solutions that have no meaning, just another hunch - based upon jumping conclusions caught up in endless solutions - backed up against a wall of confusion living a life of illusion

The Confessor if you look at your reflection in the bottom of a well, what you see is only on the surface when you try to see the meaning, hidden underneath, the measure of the depth can be deceiving the bottom has a rockin reputation you can feel it in the distance the deeper down you stare from up above it's hard to see, but ya know when you're there on the bottom words are shallow - the surface talk is cheap you can only judge the distance by the company you keep in the eyes of the confessor. in the eyes of the confessor, there's no place you can hide you can't hide from the eyes (of the confessor) don't you even try - in the eyes of the confessor you can't tell a lie - you cannot tell a lie (to the confessor) strip you down to size - naked as the day that you were born... take all the trauma, drama, comments - the guilt and doubt and shame the what if's and if only's - the shackles and the chains the violence and aggresion, the pettiness and scorn the jealousy and hatred, the tempest and discord and give it up

Ordinary Average Guy i'm just an ordinary average guy my friends are all boring, and so am i we're just ordinary average guys we all live ordinary average lives with average kids and average wives we all go bowling at the bowling lanes drink a few beers, bowl a few frames we're just ordinary average guys... and every saturday we work in the yard pick up the dog do - hope that it's hard (whaf whaf) take out the garbage and clean out the garage my friend's got a chrysler, i've got a dodge we're just ordinary average guys...