1 Layout  2 G1 South  3 G1/G2 Square  4 Cutout Corners  5 44/45
6 Satellites
7 Points
8 Center Points
8 Corner Points
 9 Lines  10 Tangent Lines  11 Projected Lines
Outer Circles Spheres
Triangles Squares Penta  Hexagons Heptagons Octagons
Pent 4  Hex 4


This website is a part of what I guess might be considered to be my 3D modelling portfolio.
That is to say, I have a 3D modelling program (Bryce 5) which I enjoy as a kind of a hobby.

An aside... I'm not applying for a job, or trying to sell anything, or out to make any money.
Further disclaiming: I am not in any way invested in promoting any specific Giza theories.
I have heard a few, however (and in this course, a few more); I find them... entertaining.
So, that arbitrary obligatory self-effacing disqualification out of the way, on with my story.
Any other page in Astra has virtually no text: just pictures; an assorted couple of videos.
But, with something like mapping the pyramids ...there is some pre-established interest
(a few dedicated fellow wanderers are quoted occasionally, as they've tried to help me).

So, while ordinarily this whole section, or sub-directory, would be really just this one page
with the pictures herein presenting various angles of the objects, assembled in the scene
(and this should perhaps more properly be a website unto its own autonomy and entirety):
this is actually attempting to represent accurately, these actual structures, in physical reality.
So, what started out as a few captions with witty comments explaining the process, grueling:
has ultimately and eventually evolved into quite an impressive, and oppressive... smattering.

And this is my maiden voyage into any such alleged thingy, so preliminary it's definitively silly.
So, besides just the surrounding clickable pictures, (to their natural size, hi-rez versions, yo)
the links herein present my exploration and adventuring into the measuring thereof... hidy-ho.
But that's all I'm doing: just measuring; and I'm confident comfy, with Bryce's level of accuracy.
There are many more, of better authority, researching for years, some with actual degrees:
working numbers, measuring angles, Sacred Geometry, squaring the circle, adding infinity.
What I do, see (n this part is me), I just tell my groovy little prgram to model them all in 3D.
And maybe I have made a few actual original discoveries (such thingies, entirely accidentally),
but to my mind, the pyramids, as anything in antiquity, belongs to all of humanity, collectively.

I have the utmost respect for all those who initially discovered these... thingies I'm measuring.
And just in awe of those who've made such connections, especially by just crunching numbers.
That having been said, already (and I'll continue to clarify)... I'm not out to steal anyone's glory.
If anything, this should be, very simply, just further proof of whatever angles or alignments etc apparent enough to be virtually conclusively, if not thoroughly, described (by an amateur).
I do predict, however... that just by sheer volume... all alignments being accurate, essentially
...therefore, and thusly, the possibility of coincidence is projected into exponential probability
...and that's the far-reaching insubstantiality... actually... just that it could not possibly be...?
Anyways, that's the fervent argument one receives from Egyptology: established orthodoxy.
If it's not written down in some ancient text... as far as they're concerned... it doesn't exist.

And to that mentality, like the Flat Earth Society... you can prove it, conclusively, for nothing.
I have measured many various angles, exactly; and when presented into discussion casually:
what i got back reciprocally, was exactly the opposite of being taken even remotely seriously.
That I don't have a degree in anything disqualifies me from being able to say: 30 + 60 = 90.
It's all jus some bizarre coincidence, apparantly, obviously... thusly, I'm justa silly hippie. ;o)