t r i p   o u t

. . . stare onward . . .
. . . into the universe . . .

 White Room 

Perception is a state of mind.

 why are you looking at me like that ?
The nearest
star system
to our own is
Alpha Centauri
at about 4.2
light years away.

A binary system
- two near twin stars -
very much like our sun
(one Yellow, one Orange)
- 24 AU apart, 80 year orbit -
and one Red Dwarf, Proxima
so it's actually a trinary system
but it's orbiting much further out
than even Pluto is from our sun
about 10,000 AU
in a wide, elliptical
million year orbit
which may bring periodic havoc
to any inner planets like ours
... if there was a chance
for them to form at all ...
but there's plenty of room
for planets around all three.
The nearest sun-like
single star system is
Tau Ceti
at about 12
light years away.

We do not yet
have the technology
to detect if there are
planets like ours
around any star
even one so close.
These are just two
of a handful of systems
- closer than 20
light years away -
which we are likely
to colonize one day
whether there's
people there
..... or not .....
whether there's
Earth-like planets
..... or not .....

It is theoretically possible
for intelligent life to evolve
in any of these local systems
....... they could be .......
millions of years ahead of us
- or millions of years behind.
or they might be
very much like us
and just behind us
picking up our transmissions
radio, TV, internet, cellphones
but not sending any of their own
perhaps intentionally.

Timothy Leary
is unbearable, 
but it's less 
at the top. 
Science is 
all metaphor. 
Learning how to operate 
a soul figures to take time. 
In the 
information age, 
you don't teach 
as they did 
after feudalism. 
You perform it. 
If Aristotle were 
alive today 
he'd have 
a talk show. 
We are dealing with 
the best educated 
generation in history. 
But they've got a 
brain dressed up 
with nowhere to go. 
You're only as young 
as the last time you 
changed your mind. 
Women who seek 
to be equal with 
men lack ambition. 
My advice to people today is as follows: 
If you take the game of life seriously, 
if you take your nervous system seriously, 
if you take your sense organs seriously, 
if you take the energy process seriously, 
you must turn on, tune in, and drop out. 

if all the people in the world
were put into the same place
~ 6 billion people ~
works out to about 
600 billion pounds
or 300 million tons
even if everybody started jumping up n down all at once ~ the earth would not notice ~ her orbit around the sun would not be altered in the slightest maybe if the ground was weak, though we might be able to manage a healthy sized crater
- peace -