d u n g e o n  
  ancient hangout of torture  

- dragon - - entrance -
- fire - - fire -
- dragon -

- fire -- fire -- fire -- fire -- fire -

Tone of Inflection
adds touch of sarcasm to everything you say,
thereby inciting all attackers within audible range
  Increases Aggro by 50%
Curse of Trepidation
makes target unsure of his or her actions
decreasing chace to hit or dodge attacks by 70%
  Reduces Spirit by 90%
  Reduces Stamina to 1/3
Kiss of the Dragon
target is avoided by opposite gender
and made fun of by like gender
  Reduces Spirit by 50%
  Reduces Stamina by 1/2
  Increases Aggro by 30%

Boots of Wallowing
  Armor 47
  Spirit +5

increases base reputation and effects
and party loyalty by factor of 10
Jester's Armor
  Armor 85
  Intellect +10
  Spirit +25

increases loyalty factor by 5
Helm of Diffidence
  Armor 22
  Spirit -5

decreases vulnerability by 10
and base reputation by 5