c l o a k r o o m  


. . . yesss, masterrr . . .
. . . check yer baggage . . .
. . . . . at the door . . . . .


when i was a kid
i usedta get picked on alot
~ so now i'm shy ~
it keeps the sleet 
... n freezing rain ...
of casual dismissiveness,
predatory relationships
n even open hostility
... outta me face ... 
for the most part
Helm of Diffidence
  Armor 22
  Spirit -5

decreases vulnerability by 10
and base reputation by 5

Cloak of Invulnerability
  Armor 99
  Stamina +88

resistant to all forms of magic
increases aggro by factor of 5


i admire people who seem to have their shit together
and it's probably usually a good idea to emulate that behavior
~ but even if they don't (seem to have their shit together, that is) ~
there is always a special something which is how people really are
respect the inner person ~ in everyone
~ that's all there really is to be proud of, anyways ~
Rose Shades
  Intellect +12
  Spirit +5

increases magic detection by 10
decreases magical effects by 5

Chipped Shoulders
  Armor 42
  Spirit +9

increases reputation by factor of 5
decreases party loyalty by factor of 5

all me life
i pretty much
been surrounded by
~ bossy people ~
so i kinda developed
~ a sardonic wit ~
a sarcastic sense o humor
~ as a defense mechanism ~
to help keep the bullshit at bay
but it sometimes backfires
and i seem like the asshole
but only to those who don get
that being bossy is bullshit
and it's just bossiness itself
~ that's being mocked ~
see, the joke is funny
cuz it's bad to be bossy
n then hostile about it
Jester's Armor
  Armor 85
  Intellect +10
  Spirit +25

increases loyalty factor by 5

Heart Worn Sleeves
  Armor 13
  Stamina +8

increases reputation by factor of 5
decreases party loyalty by 18
Velvet Gloves
  Armor 21
  Spirit +21

increases somatic magic by 20
increases party loyalty by 25


as a hippie
i get alotta casual disrespect
pretty much wherever i go
~ but some people ~
who also get casual disrespect
(especially certain demographics)
women, gays, blacks,
immigrants, other hippies,
pretty much anyone not white
~ it has the opposite effect ~
they see the long hair
n know i'm not the man
n the man is out to get me too
now, i've been advised
that i should cut me hair
that i would get less shit
i've tried this, it don work
mebe it's somethin else
Boots of Wallowing
  Armor 47
  Spirit +5

increases base reputation and effects
and party loyalty by factor of 10

if yer gonna die .....
die with yer boots on

hehe - WOW, man - jus lookit all this other stuff you got !!!
Tone of Inflection
adds touch of sarcasm to everything you say,
thereby inciting all attackers within audible range
  Increases Aggro by 50%
Curse of Trepidation
makes target unsure of his or her actions
decreasing chace to hit or dodge attacks by 70%
  Reduces Spirit by 90%
  Reduces Stamina to 1/3
Kiss of the Dragon
target is avoided by opposite gender
and made fun of by like gender
  Reduces Spirit by 50%
  Reduces Stamina by 1/2
  Increases Aggro by 30%