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From: World Mystery Research Center
Crop Circles in Holland - by Robert J. Boerman
Most of the world-wide crop circles appeared in the UK, but there are also a number of formations reported in the Netherlands since it all started here in 1986. In that year a Dutch newspaper reported a single circle. And then, suddenly, in the mid '90s it seemed the phenomenon discovered the Dutch fields. In the first years it seemed that the 'circle makers' started to copy some of the earlier UK circles, but later on there were more and more beautiful formations reported all over the Netherlands. In 1996 there were almost 100 formations reported and the total amount of formations since 1986 through 2000 has reached almost 250 formations!

For Mr. Robert Boerman, his contact with the crop circles started in 1997 with a short flight above his home. After about 10 minutes in the air, the pilot pointed at something amazing. They discovered the beautiful pictogram that appeared in Brummen (Holland). From that moment his life was forever changed and he started to write many articles about the mysterious crop circle phenomenon.

Sticky white stuff was found in 6 of the 7 circles in the Brummen formation of 1997. It was send to Nancy Talbott of the BLT-team. After the BLT-team studied the white stuff, the PTAH Foundation received the complete report which said the white stuff was a very pure carbon-oxide compound. Nowadays the BLT-team is doing a new research to this mysterious stuff. A new member joined the team and they received some new equipment for more and better research. When the new report is finished it all will be available at the web site of the PTAH Foundation.

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