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Merlin's Sundial
Astonishing colums of massive stone 
arranged in a circle around a temple altar 
and aligned to the stars of the ancient skies. 

A calendar for predicting eclipses 
and other rare astronomical events
- this much is universally accepted -
but Stonehenge
- a great stone circle -
is part of a great global circle
of ancient world monuments
including other ancient sites
such as Giza, Easter Island, 
Palenque and the Acropolis
all equidistant from 
a curious central point 
the tiny island of Trindade
off Brazil, in the South Atlantic
- thus, perhaps -
but one of many 
global markers to 
legendary Atlantis

The legends say that Merlin himself 
levitated these stones from Ireland 
and modern Driuds 
hold it among their 
most sacred sites
and still perform 
ceremonies there.

On December 31st, 1900
one of the stones tipped over
ushering in a new era of excavation 
but there is no way to carbon date stone 
or place the many distinct construction phases 
unquestionably in any 
established timeline. 

90% of all Crop Circles occur 
within 40 miles of Stonehenge

one of the most recognizable
remnants of the ancient world

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