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Nazca Lines

 The Nazca Runway

 The Nazca Spider

 Nazca Runway and Condor

Megalithic Sites In South America
from: megaliths.net/southamerica.htm
Nazca lines and figures reflect a measurement of the heavens. I am amazed that no one else has seen the two circular 360 spoked circles in the Nazca lines. So-called scientists just simply do not look. These two 360 centers show one triangulation of the northern heavens and one triangulation of the southern heavens. The figures marked on the earth represent stellar constellations. The Nazca Monkey, just as the Vedic Sanskrit moneky Hanuman, is Orion. The Whale Fish is Cetus. The Spider is Eridanus. The Nine Stars are Themin. The Triangular Dress figure is Hydrus - we find a similar figure for Hydrus in the Sahara. There are also triangulations made for the Bird of Paradise, the Southern Triangle, Lupus, Centaurus, the Southern Cross, and in the northern skies, Cepheus and Cassiopia, Ursa Minor and Draco. Specifically shown is the point of crossing of the Ecliptic and the Celestial Equator above the Nazca Monkey. That and the triangulation of the South Pole dates the Nazca lines to ca. 3117 BC.

Cargo Cults
In the South Pacific (particularly the Soloman Islands, northeast of Australia) exists a string of cultures so cut off from the rest of humanity, that the first appearance of airplanes in the 20th century spawned the emergence of what is known as Cargo Cults - groups of indigenous people who have actually devised a religion built around the occasional appearance of artificial flying machines and the people who pilot them, and the various exotic goods they bring to trade.

This is apparently what one can expect when primitive societies suddenly encounter relatively awesome and previously unheardof technology - especially involving people, and especially when involving the sky. Indeed, even in our modern world, there are groups eager to worship alien beings from above as space brothers.

 Cargo Cult Torchlight Ceremony
Hardly capable of flight, these mockups of cargo planes
sometimes overlook the actual runways, in eager anticipation,
awaiting the next arrival of people who travel through the clouds.

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