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Easter Island

The most isolated place on the planet
features hundreds of massive stone statues
each weighing in at dozens of tons.

The tiny island of Rapa Nui
is literally in the middle of nowhere.
While the people were long thought
to have migrated on boats from Polynesia
there is compelling new evidence
of distinct Inca and Maya influence
or more exciting: that they share
the same parent culture: Atlantis.

Construction of the Moai may certainly have
dominated the native culture of Easter Island
but overpopulation was ultimately the death of it
having outlasted their resources, no room to expand
- a chilling parallel to our global energy crisis, today.

In the end, they thought they needed to construct
more statues to appease the spirits of their ancestors.
By the time western civilization happened upon them
there were but few left - canabalism, a way of life.

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