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The Legend of Utopia
The priests of Egypt, guardians of an ancient and sacred wisdom, told Solon of a mythical land.
Many years later, Plato would learn this from his mentor, and write it down for future generations,
but in the form of a dialogue, so that it might be more easily understood by any who would listen.

Now, dismissed as fiction, by scholars and historians: a morality tale, even political propaganda;
but much the same was said about the ancient city of Troy, before it was unearthed in Turkey.
In our time, ancient maps have been found: that show Antarctica long before it was discovered.
Could Atlantis be in the one place no one has yet looked ~ the frozen continent of Antarctica?

The Piri Reis Map

The Azores

 The Azores

When Spanish Conquistadors landed in the Azores
the primitive natives there were surpsised to see them.
Like the people of Easter Island, in the South Pacific,
they thought they were the only people left in the world.

Their oral legends spoke of a great cataclysm, a Noah flood,
which sank the world, leaving only the highest mountain peaks.

They were thrilled to meet the visitors,
and wondered if they could help to read
some ancient tablets, which told the story
- that they'd long forgotten how to read.

But the Spaniards did not speak their gibberish language
and destroyed the tablets, mistaking it for devil worship
and murdered many of the otherwise peaceful citizens
probably the direct decendants of a now lost civilization
what was most likely either an ancient Atlantean outpost
- or at least a port, known to the golbal seafaring culture.

Like the Bahama Islands (off the east coast of America),
the Azores (about 1000 miles west of Portugal)
are among the first places people look
when searching for remnants of Atlantis.

During the last Ice Age, when the world water levels were much lower,
both island chains were vast expanses of dry land; and likely populated.

This would have divided the North Atlantic essentially in three sections
- making transportation between continents, fabled lands, so much easier -
and well within range of ancient Crescent Ships found in both Egypt and Peru
immediately reminiscent of Viking vessels, known to have reached America.

Crescent Ships

Reed Boat - Lake Titticaca, Peru
the same design
equally seaworthy
from Ancient Egypt
Viking Ships - more familiar images

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