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Classified Documents
further relevant paranormal information
salvaged from the internet and other sources

Roswell Testimony
The complete Roswell UFO Crash story
including interviews with prime witnesses !

New Roswell Crash Data
Truth comes in three phases. First it is ridiculed,
then it is violently opposed, and then it is self-evident.

Majestic 12 Documents
Top Secret memos regarding the early Cold War
UFO policies of the US Intelligence community !

A Tale of Area 51
The son of a local resident has come forward
with a tale of UFOs and government cover ups !

Tim Ley Recounts
The Phoenix Lights

The Tim Ley family - eyewitnesses of 3/13/97
Arizona UFO flyover event called "Phoenix Lights"

Phoenix Lights - Two Years Later
National UFO Reporting Center Special Report
Recounting the facts of the case in evidence.

Alien Types
A summary of UFO and Abductee folklore
posted at the Rutgers University website in 1993

Alien Classes
This article appeared in the summer 1993 edition
issue of UFO Universe Magazine (Vol. 3 No. 2).

The Zeta Reticuli System
Information regarding the Gray aliens, excerpted from
interviews with U.S. intelligence agent codenamed "Falcon"

UFO Comments by the
World's Top Military Leaders

A collection of excerpts and quotations
by top military and intelligence personnel !

The Crossing Point
An interesting essay connecting UFOs and ETs
to Theology and a Multi Dimensional Unified Field Theory !

Quantum Entanglement
vs Uncertainty Principle

A stunning revision of quantum theory,
Quantum Particle Ghosting, might explain why
SETI has thus far failed to find any ET signals !

1865 Cincinnati
Extraterrestrial Meteor

An article about celestial sightings of a UFO crash
which appeared in a 19th century Midwest newspaper !

Meteoric Micro Fossils
U.S. study points to possible life outside Earth
from the international news service, "Reuters", 8/1/97

UFO - Mars Correlations
A study of the correlations between
UFO waves and the distance of Mars !

Face on Mars FAQ
From the book: The Case for the Face
(Stanley McDaniel & Monica Rix Paxon, Editors)

Putting the skeptics straight, and the rest of us at ease
that Cydonia is definitely worthy of serious investigation !

Cydonia: Two Years Later
Detailing how mysterious MGS malfunctions
prevented a more detailed aerial scan of the face.
From: The Malin Space Science Systems Website

Atlantis According to Plato
The first known historical record of Atlantis,
as first mentioned by Plato in Timaeus !

Cherokee Prophecies
The Four Races of Mankind: black, white, red and yellow,
sent to the Four Corners of the Earth, will be reunited as one.
This new 5th Age, The World of Illumination, will be first heralded
by 3 Shakings of the Earth - and The Gourd of Ashes: a nuclear bomb.

Bloodline of the Holy Grail
Tracing an engineered hereditary lineage
from Cain, to Pharaohs, to David, to Jesus,
all the way to modern Europe's Royal Courts !
Starfire and the Anunnaki

Sacred Geometry
The Construction of Ancient Archaeological Sites
utilizes and is centered around certain universal constants
including Pi, Phi, and the Square Roots of Two, Three and Five

Geographic Geometry
"A New Look at an Old Design" ~ by Jim Alison
Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships
Along Several Lines of Ancient Sites Around the World

Aerial Photography
of the Nazca Lines

From an American tourist
in a chartered airplane

TWA Flight 800, HAARP and
the Philadelphia Experiment

The US Military's Unified Field experiments
from a source who shall remain anonymous !

The Zodiac
Detailed synopsis of the 12 Astrological Signs
including Elements, Qualities, Planets,
Mercury Retrograde and Eclipses

Chinese Zodiac
Introduction to the Signs of the Chinese Calendar
and how they affect certain aspects of our lives
including personality, work, money and love

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