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Stop n Stare

acoustic open chords
(medley, part 1 of 3)

2000 demo
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acoustic w FX
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2000 demo
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Stop n Stare
/ Shadows
/ Somehow
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what are you afraid of ?
     tell me, tell me - i wanna be scared, too 
n what do you pray for ?
     is it somethin ya canít afford to pay for ?
well maybe time is back on your side again 
     n no need to worry about it, man
     someday every loserís got to win 

up n down - round n round 
here n there - everywhere 
stop n stare - cuz none of it is really there 

n what they been tellin you ?
     doubt it... maybe none of it is true 
n what do you believe in ?
     is it somethin maybe i just ainít seein ?
sometimes ainít nobody on your side 
     it's cool if ya think about it
     like a roller-coaster ride