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Once Upon a Time
Boogie Blues Bass

2002 demo
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once upon a time there was a little girl 
now she had always dreamed that she could love somebody 
but witches wine just blows the mind - she wanted to go 
but she found she'd lose the magic if she made herself a prisoner 

watch as the sky falls down around me
she whispered to me silently 

once there was a little girl, tried to be a crazy girl 
sold all she loved for a piece of the street 
when she found a lover, she had to go undercover 
now she's doin fine, but she learned her lesson well 

now she's just a crazy girl, hidin in a crazy world 
n do it all again cuz she's a friend to the end 
n smilin if we ever meet again 

once upon a time in the big town 
some crazy gave it all n jus so love could go round 
but you'll never guess what she found