Shadows is technically not a real band
not at all together, ready to play out
or go into the studio, to produce a cd
just one guy with a bunch of originals
lookin for other musicians to jam with
songwriters, composers, collaborators
with aims of taking over the universe
one silly unsuspecting galaxy at a time

~ Shadows ~
is what i call
my originals

below, is a list of Shadows tunes
in more or less chronological order
clicking on a song title pops-up a new window with the page for that tune
containing all available versions, lyrics, videos, and whatever else there is
all tunes are works in progress
in various stages of completion
some are obviously just ideas
in need of further nurturing
 your input is welcome and encouraged 
apologies in advance
for the poor sound quality
and less than stellar performances
(especially in the more informal files)

if you have about a week to kill
 my personal youtube channel 
has videos of almost every tune
~ chronicling the merry madness ~

there is also a profile at reverbnation

or you can also just stay here n explore
 tunes index   videos   albums   logos  

W.B.O.E. Flower Child The Ride Even Castles in the Sky Once Upon a Time Dance for the King Never Mind 3 Years of College Haunted House Midnight Sun Trident Skull Carnival Rest Easy Camouflage What's a Man Flown Away Rainbows Somethin' About You

Skeeter, Wow! Space When Purple Roses Star Troopers Stop 'n Stare Shadows Somehow Heat Beautiful Firefly Runes Burn My Flag Golden Girl Mental Force I Still Need You A Place in Your Heart Wow, Now, Now Friendship 2101

The Sea Exnocentricism Spooky Mama Money Friends Tan Santa Can't Stop Rockin Dealin' Rozie Psychic Slime Stagecoach Racers Smack Sally Scam Charlie Wax Lily Vigilance No Country Crack Baby Volcano F.B.I. I'm a Kid Just a Little Psycho Chick

It's Gonna Rain Enter Protagonists Aztec Legends The Glade Birdies Cherub Campfires Dusty Books n Wine Bricks Broken Glass Falling Down Stairs Composures Karma Baby The Modular Man Thunderstorms Up a Tree Joey Empty Bottle On the Beach

Ramathon Dragonstar Sweaty Pet Vibes 22 Unreal Railroaded Systems Check School Baseball High Dive Cooties Be Nice Orbit Charcoal Gray Regna Bike Livin It Isn't Be Over Soon
Sky Mirror Future The Dolphin The Hero Shades Problems Sink A View From the Peak The Character Old White Hat Starlight Magic Welcome Home Lost Snowfort Cobblestone Tundra Myths Balloons Soda Basic Risks

Faeries Spring is Here Picking Up Flowers do you like what you see Freedom All Around Bump Flags Light Wizard's World Under the Stairs Talk to the Bushes Hoodwinked Dusty Mastodon Adventures of a Zoid Minding the Store The Rift Big Story Freaked Out Heaven Jacuzzis

Bigfoot Floating Cloud Races Dust How to Be Ain't No Better 2 Cycle Dirty Looks Nasty Neighbor Reality Moonrocks Canoe Lazy Sunday Foggy Mornin Sacrificial Rich Kid Ook and Mook The Latest Bored Windows Just Causes

Ready Feathers Poolside Wander Isolation The Mill Wavin G'bye Little Waterfall If I Had a Beachball Velocity Combustive Destiny Laws Simple Truths Toll Bridge Outcast Nightsong Mindless Wave Alien Wonderland Sez Who

Sunlight Medicine Perception The Fire The Definition White Mice Building 800 Savage Daze Tomorrow Second Sight Twisted Outsider Starfire Badass Street Wood In See Tough Fight Less is More

The Cause

Boogie Blues