Dudeman, Comic Legend
longhaired hippie superhero
and champion of our times
- fur laden biped -
authority issues

comic relief sidekick
and magical floating elf
an immortal alleged entity
from the center o the galaxy
where infinite civilization
has been established
for quite some time and
from whose perspective
we all seem very silly
lil blue guy
swarthy fun
from planet Yo
(aka: Tau Ceti 5)
secretly one o the
founding members o
The Space Pirates, yo
Zeta 115
the neurotic UFO
they all fly around in
n have adventures
in various universae
- casta fun zanies -
arch nemesis


Dudeman started out as experiments in doodling probably around 1989 or so. At this time, the only people who had ever heard of it were my family and a few of my stoner friends. I was encouraged to pursue the vocation, but I couldn't think of much funny to say, and while some of those attempts are lost to the fickle winds of time, I still have most of the original regurgitations, a stack of about 50 episodes on 4x6 notepaper of various hues, in search of the wit that seems almost within my grasp presently.

Around 1993 or so, I drew about a dozen or so 8x8 episodes, the first version of the origin story. My printing was widely regarded as mostly unintelligible, but the drawings were well received, among the handful of people that I showed them to, and all/most survive today in the form of my current go-to clipart library, which was scanned and ultimately colorized in Corel, because I had a computer now, but little else to do with my existence. Thus, destiny required that I embark on a several year mission, averaging about one comic per day from 2005 thru 2010. Try to imagine 1700 pages of psychotic ramblings, in 8-point font (about 7 small textbooks). Obsessed fans may peruse this embodiment of a manifesto slash tome at their inimitable leisure, tentatively entitled: "The Tale of Lost Books."

I was briefly published, by a community college newspaper, around 1998, and I still have several copies, in my treasure chest, buried in a deep hole under my basement stairs, along with my first bathing suit, and a math trophy I won in middle school. No one since has seemed remotely interested, but I remain hopeful, cuz my parents always seemed to act as if my life had a purpose, and I wouldn't want to disappoint them any further.

The current incarnation arose when I took a Photoshop class, and discovered it was possible to resurrect/reimagine the legend. Spring break 2017 had me addicted to finding my own raving thoughts amusing again, so I spiffed up the webpage, and now you're here reading this, so something must have worked. If you really want to make my day, drop me a line, describing your experience, and how you wish it had gone instead. I'm at a stage in my life where I am known to occasionally listen to reason. Thank you for your kind attention.

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